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Good stuff! Compared to your older demo I saw from your YouTube channel, this one looks much more refined. :)

I'm not too critical of roguelike games, but I think the pre-slashing time can be faster. Also, the 'aerial downward sword' is a bit hard to maneuver as I'm using keyboard only, that's all I can say.

Keep up the good work guys!

Oh no, I'll have to go back and delete that old video. This isn't a rouge-like game anymore. People didn't like the randomly generated levels, without a proper structure to them people found them boring.

Oh I see. But still a fascinating video  ;)


This was really fun! I really enjoyed the art direction and how each attack felt like it had weight and impact when hitting enemies. One of the bugs I ran into was that during the final fight, right before the Boss starts attacking I could attack the boss before the fight started proper. I kinda like it though! After losing to him the first time, I came back and impaled him to start the fight off and that gave me a huge confidence boost! Some of the actions relying on having to press jump and a direction may not read well to some other players. Like for instance, needing to press down+jump to go through platforms or Jump+up to flip switches. All in all though, I had fun and can see this being something I pick up once development finishes!


did play this game for 30 min so i didn't get everything but i can say it is a fun looking game. the pixels art looks cool, and because it is not finish yet and don't watch to the fps drops for the start screen and large rooms.

getting feedback from enemy's when hitting them is good and I know how to work out my own strategy how deal with them.

 now I am playing with the keyboard (don't have a Xbox controller). there are some things that could be better with the keyboard controlls and there reaction. 

like the slash down it's difficult to do because you have to put the down key first before the slash key. and he does that state only once  per every slash.

also when I die the music cuts off when the level restart.

that is all what I have discover so far.
So keep on going.


Thanks so much, Gino. You were getting frame rate drops? The game isn't entirely optimised yet, but that's still a shame. As for the controls I'll have another look at them. A lot of people struggle with the down slash, I'm not entirely certain how to implement it on keyboard yet, but I'll try a few things out.